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The Real Money Pros

Apr 30, 2018

Kenton Lee discusses how one small idea -- a shoe that grows as kids grow -- is changing the lives of thousands of impoverished kids around the world. And how he and his team are helping that happen.

Steve Cilley, Owner

Jeff Reynolds, Owner

Kenton Lee, Founder, The Shoe...

Apr 26, 2018

Brian talks about the latest round of layoffs with local employer, Micron.  What should you do if you are told you are being laid off?  What kind of strategies might you put to work and what first steps should you take?  It's all in this episode.

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor

Apr 26, 2018

Brian and Steve discuss the broad reaches of Medicaid and why the broad reaching program is in the political arena for debate.  Over 74 million Americans depend on Medicaid, will you need its services one day?

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor

Steve Rausch, Attorney

Apr 25, 2018

Brian and Steve cover a late-breaking story of a local family suing a Boise investment advisor for breach of fiduciary duty and unsuitable investments.  They’ve lost everything, but who is at fault?  The plaintiff’s attorney calls in for a few minutes to discuss their side of the story.

Brian Wiley, Financial...

Apr 24, 2018

Brian and Paul talk about tax rates and whether most Americans are paying their fair share. According to the latest data, most Americans pay no taxes at all. Plus, new debt on American households is growing but the pace could be slowed with a single action. 

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor