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The Real Money Pros

Feb 28, 2019

Steve and Brian talk about the $22 trillion debt and what ‘really’ caused this to occur.  How can we make societal changes to stop this trend that the Federal Reserve recently commented was unsustainable for our country?  We discuss.

Brian Wiley, Financial Advisor

Steve Rausch, Attorney 

Feb 26, 2019

Taxes and tax theory.  Does our tax system treat your hardworking income fairly compared to how passive income investors earn?  Hazen Armstrong, CPA, joins Brian Wiley and Steve Rausch to discuss.  Plus, a caller asks about an inheritance and taxes.  The answer from Hazen and the team might surprise you.

Brian Wiley,...

Feb 25, 2019

Brian and Steve give case examples of the careful consideration needed before designating accounts and money to a child.  Are ROTH IRAs a good thing to set up for your children?  Are custodial accounts ever a good idea?  Plus, Brian and Steve discuss ideas on how to keep control of a child’s money without giving them...

Feb 21, 2019

Brian and Steve talk about Governor Little’s address to the Idaho Press Club and reference to not allowing this year’s legislative session to end without a funding plan for Medicaid expansion.  Next, two bills are in committee to repeal the expansion: should voters be concerned about the state’s elected officials...

Feb 20, 2019

Brian and Steve talk about steps to take to prepare for the unexpected.  Secondly, tax returns are being prepared now and many people will get a return check.  What will you do with the money?  We have some ideas.  Lastly, the Fed’s mood on the economy might be changing.  How will this change our investments and are...